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Responsible Tourism Policy

Responsible Tourism Policy For Guests and Staff in The Mourne Lodge.

We will aim to where possible;

  • purchase our equipment and food from a locally produced source and use Fairtrade products where possible
  • support local income generation and small business enterprises by supporting locally owned shops, restaurants, and local guides on the mountains
  • Support all Community endeavours
  • Encourage our guests, our staff, our literature, public notices, and all presentations, to act in a responsible way and with an insight and understanding of The Mourne Lodge
  • Work together with our business partners to implement the highest standards and where necessary work out a method of how these standards can be achieved
  • Consider economic, environmental and cultural issues at all times
  • Encourage our guests to make use of public transport and bicycles
  • To ensure that the type and scale of tourism is appropriate to local conditions, the local area and that it operates within the limits set by Cnocnafeola Committee and the area of Atticall

We aim to take responsibility for maintaining and improving the environment by;

  • Minimising water (through the collection of rain water) and atmospheric pollution
  • Making our own wood logs for the fire out of recycled shredded paper
  • Achieving a zero litter policy
  • Integrating environmental considerations into all economic considerations
  • Providing regular and ongoing training, in the principles and practices of responsible tourism, both to our staff in the office and those employed in The Mourne Lodge
  • Recycling all our waste and work in partnership with Newry, Mourne & Down District Council. Recycling ink and toner cartridges and send old mobile phones and all other articles e.g. anything left behind by guests to charities
  • Introducing a compost bin
  • Using eco-products for cleaning
  • Putting sheets etc. on an eco-wash in the washing machine
  • Implementing tight management systems to achieve a paperless office. We will try to reduce paper consumption and keep waste to a minimum. We will try to use the computer for all recording of notes, documents etc. and use 100% recycled paper as far as is economically possible
  • Monitoring our energy consumption in The Mourne Lodge. We aim to conserve and reduce our energy consumption through improving management systems and using equipment with lower energy use. We will use alternative energies where appropriate